My name is Mandi Orloski.

Here is a picture of my dog Eevee and I!

I am a women and gender studies major.  I live in a suburb outside of Philadelphia.  I work as a makeup artist and esthetician.   Ecofeminism is something that entices me to learn more about because it’s a facet of feminism that I have a lot to learn about.  Climate change is something that is a hot topic in today’s world, but one I want to know more about.  Change starts at home, and I am excited to delve into little changes we can make that can all add up to a big difference.

One of the blogs presented to us as examples for blogging was  I was immediately interested in this blog because it was easy to navigate, organized, and well-written.  The authors write with a sense of authority that makes me trust them when talking about their topic.  I wish to emulate that in my own writing.  One way that this blog would be different than my own writing is that my blog will be centered around ecofeminist topics, while The Guardian’s philosophy section was wider ranged.

An environmental issue that impacts where I live is pollution.  Philadelphia definitely has a rep as a dirty city, and this includes pollution.  While there is a decent public transportation system set up, there are still a high density of cars.  Just a few months ago, there was an factory explosion about fifteen miles outside of Philadelphia.  Right by my house, there is the Limerick Nuclear Power Plant, which residents have just accepted will always be pushing a big cloud of pollution into the air.   On the power plant’s website, they even have a warning about a drug that may help block out radioactive iodine in case something were to happen.  Honestly, this is something that I haven’t even thought much about because I’m so used to it.  I haven’t even been to the website until I started writing for this blog post.

Limerick Nuclear Power Plant (source:

I have a lot to learn and am excited for this journey about how I can not only help myself, but my community.